Lakeshore Work & Waterfront Cleanup in Florida

About Aquascaping

Aquascaping removes unwanted vegetation while protecting indigenous species, which enables your lake to maintain it’s natural source of self-cleaning.

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Lakefront Weed Maintenance Central Florida

Our Services

  • Residential lakefront property clearing
  • Golf course aquascape
  • Removal of unwanted aquatic vegetation
  • Violation Remediation
  • Natural Areas Land
  • Management
  • Wetlands Consulting

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lakefront & Waterfront restoration Florida USA

About Us

Grimes Conservation Group offers wetland mitigation, aquascape lakefront restoration & maintenance. We take pride in our responsibility as stewards of the environment.

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 ISA Certified Arborist

Grimes Conservation Group specializes in central Florida lakefront maintenance, lakefront planting, lakefront clearing, aquascaping and wetland mitigation. We service all Orlando and Central Florida.

Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator

  • Aquatics
  • Natural Area
  • Forestry
  • Right of Way


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