We Provide Unique Aquascapes That Are Distinctive in Their Aesthetic Elegance

Grimes Conservation Group-Lakefront Restoration creates an inviting shoreline and promotes a healthier and beautiful ecosystem. Our aquascaping and aquatic weed removal services involve enhancement and restoration of lakefront properties, allowing waterways and lakes to be natural, healthy, and self-cleansing. 

We will design a new aquarium space by adding carefully selected types of flowing plants and by pruning, relocating or removing some of your aquatic vegetation. With our restoration services and aquascape supplies in Florida, we will transform your lakefront by ensuring that it is ecologically friendly, more aesthetically pleasing, and a natural and satisfying habitat for fishes and wildlife.

Installation and consulting

We will design your acquascape from the beginning to the end. We offer customized aquascaping services that suit the exact needs and spaces of every client. We will help you in setting up and arranging everything depending on the agreed design. All you have to do is just sit up and wait to enjoy your new design. Consult with us today and get the best services in this field.

Customized services

We understand that every client has unique needs and desires. This is why we do not offer a one-size-fits-all serviceor use just any aquascape supplies in Florida. You can always talk to our team of professionals if you have no idea where to start and we will be happy to guide you. You can also share your aquascaping ideas on how you want your property to be and we will help you bring your dreams to reality. 


Systematic maintenance is essential to the overall health and survival of your aquarium. We provide aquatic weed removal and maintenance services for our clients on a monthly or per-visit basis. Therefore, you never have to worry about maintaining your aquascaping design or handling any complicated work. If you are tired of the old look, we can also assist you in rescaping your aquarium to give it a totally new look that you will love. 

We work closely with all our clients to design an aquarium that will suit their available space, personal preferences, and budget. We also guide our clients on how to successfully maintain their newly planted aquarium after we complete the project. You will definitely love the attention to detail that we give our clients who need aquascaping and aquatic weed control services.

Aquatic Weed Control & Aquatic Weed Removal in Florida

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