Grimes Conservation Group specializes in lakefront clearing, planting, maintenance and wetland mitigation in central Florida.

At Grimes Conservation Group we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, while protecting Florida's natural resources. We are experts at enhancing your lakes and waterway's by, bringing them new life then giving them the ability to cleanse themselves naturally with indigenous plants. Our goal is to bring back the natural beauty of Florida to your lake or waterway by, removing invasive non-native plants that strangle your lake and re-planting indigenous, native plants.

As a lakefront property owner, you should know that exotic and noxious plant species cause ecological damage by dominating and destroying the desirable native species. They also cause muck building, which has long-term effects on water quality and clarity. Our lakefront restoration program will transform your lakefront by making it more aesthetically pleasing , ecologically friendly and a natural habitat for fish and wildlife.

Lakefront & wetland Weed Maintenance in Florida

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