Permits and Leases

Lakefront property owners always desire to enhance the look of their property through development or construction. However, most development activities may affect swimming, fishing, boating, property values, shorelines, animal habitats, and other aspects of the water body, which makes it a prized resource. As a result, the Federal state and local regulations need proper authorizations to be obtained by property owners before any developments, Lakefront Weed Spraying, and Lake Weed removal Florida services are carried outalong the coast. 

Importance of permits

Even though voluntary lakeshore restoration activities vary widely, they tend to require some level of authorization under the local, state, and federal wetland protection regulations. Lakefront permitting is not intended to be a road block, but it helps to prevent unintended consequences. It ensures coordination with other water and land management efforts and promotes thorough planning. At Grimes Conservation Group, we ensure that all information required for regulatory review is considered during the restoration planning process.

Restoration permits are important because:

  • Restoration activities and Lakefront weed spraying can cause alterations to the existing wetland areas through construction, excavation, or changes in plant or hydrology communities. Regulatory agencies have the responsibility of ensuring that any modifications have a positive effect. 
  • Alterations of hydrologic conditions can affect upstream, downstream, and nearby biological communities and property owners through groundwater and surface connections. These impacts are usually assessed during the Lakefront permitting and planning processes.
  • Enhancing one aspect of wetland communities can negatively affect other functions. An extensive planning process followed by a Lakefront permitting review ensures the evaluation of the ecosystem functions tradeoffs.
  • The construction and development activities associated with enhancement and restoration projects can be a source of invasive species that can be transferred on the heavy equipment or become established on any disturbed sites, particularly those that are not revegetated immediately.

At Grimes Conservation Group, the first step in all our front restoration processes is obtaining the necessary permits. We understand that all lakefront clearing and projects for planting aquatic and wetland plants in Florida require a state permit. The permitting process usually takes about seven weeks and we will ensure that everything is legally right before we commence work on your waterfront property. 

To obtain an Orange County permit

To obtain a FWC aquatic plant management permit

Certain cities within Orange County such as Winter Park and city of Orlando have separate permit requirements.

Aquatic and Wetland Plants in Florida

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