Wetland Mitigation Services

Wetland mitigation is a significant component of enhancing the condition of ecosystems that have been impacted like lakes and springs. In most cases, wetlands serve as buffers that safeguard both the quality and structure of ecosystems by eliminating pollution before it enters a fragile ecosystem. To develop an effective wetland restoration plan, it is important to appreciate the reasonsfor the changes to the wetland, the desired functions of the wetland, and ways of restoring the functions of the wetland. We have worked widely on developing, designing, and even monitoring wetland mitigation projects. Our team has an extensive understanding of the wetland processes and ways that we can enhance the outcome of all our wetland renewal projects.

Some of our wetland mitigation services include:

  • Wetland mitigation design
  • Site evaluation
  • Mitigation construction
  • Wetland delineation
  • Native seeding/planting
  • Mitigation monitoring
  • Planting plans
  • Conservation easements
  • Cost estimates
  • Local and state approvals

We are experts

Achieving a proper balance between natural and human environments is critical for continued intelligent development. At Grimes Conservation Group, we have designed, implemented and monitored several wetland mitigation projects. Therefore, we have an in-depth understanding of the nuances and complexities that determine the success of a project. We have invested in professionals who have the expertise needed to offer our clients comprehensive wetland mitigation services.


We are one of the most experienced wetland mitigation companies in Florida. Our comprehensive mitigation services include site selection, permitting, design, construction, native planting and seeding, monitoring, and many more. We have designed and constructed wetlands for decades and successfully completed several projects. 

We work closely with clients

As wetland mitigation professionals, we work closely with all our clients and the regulatory agencies to create the best wetlands resource strategies that minimize and alleviate adverse ecological impacts. You can be assured of getting high-level professional expertise in wetland management and decades of experience dealing with permit regulations, environmental law, and agency policies. Our company has been successful in reducing the costs and streamlining processes in order to obtain permits for our wetland projects that offer net benefits to ecosystem health.